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Posted on Jun 11, 2012

Users can find the etymology and history of first names on this website including Hungarian, Polish, Slovene, Czech and Slovak, and other Eastern European names.  There are also message boards,  interactive polls and a name translator, where you can type a first name into the search box and select a language in which to "translate" the name.  For example, type in "John" and select Hungarian to get "Janos“.  Guide to online census records. The site claims to have "the web's largest directory of links to online census transcriptions" .

You'll also find links to helpful tools, such as Soundex converters and calculating a family's birth years by plugging in the census year and ages, and more.  Want to learn the meaning of your female ancestor's first name, or its origin and variations? .  Try this free site dedicated to the etymology and history of first names.  Use the search box, or search by ethnic group. You can also learn about Name Days and use fun tools like the Name Translator or the Random Renamer.

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