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Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Although not officially dubbed a genealogy or family history website, eBay should be on your list of “underused sources”.  Whether you are trying to track down a long-lost family Bible, a collection of old photographs or postcards, a yearbook from your ancestor's high school or perhaps a rare book or map, keep an eye on eBay.  As of this writing, there were some 3,900 items found for genealogy listed in the "Everything Else", "Books" and "Computers & Networking" categories.

Don't have time to routinely check if an item you desire has been listed on the site? .  Then, let eBay do the work for you.  Once you sign up for a eBay user ID (it's free), and type in a search term such as "genealogy", you will see the link "Add to my Favorite Searches".  From there you can type in key words and specify other search criteria, tell eBay to notify you when new items with your designated key words are listed and for how long you want the notifications to be sent.  Then, click "Save Search", sit back, relax and wait for eBay's email.

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