Barry’s GenBlog Favorites: Samuel and Mary Clark Reed of Barnwell

Posted on Aug 09, 2012

The purpose of “Samuel and Mary Clark Reed of Barnwell” is the sharing of information with and about descendants of my 4-great grandparents, Samuel and Mary Reed.  Descendants are encouraged to share their family histories, legends, photographs, comments, and questions.  I recently started a companion blog, "Samuel and Mary Clark Reed of Barnwell Family Photos," dedicated to sharing old family photographs.  I started working on my family tree in November 2007 after I retired.

I was right!  After quickly working my husband’s side of the family with Scotland’s wonderful birth, marriage, and death records, and finding that my mother’s side had already been done to a large extent, I decided to focus primarily on my Reed line.  Most branches of my family have been in South Carolina since the 1700s, which makes finding information, graveyards, etc., a far easier task than many folks have.  Living in Columbia near the state archives, the South Caroliniana Library, and so many other resources is certainly an advantage.  Day trips to courthouses, cemeteries, churches, etc., are easily accomplished between breakfast and bedtime.  Despite my close proximity to these rich resources, most of my genealogy work is done at my own desk on the internet.

South Carolina has fabulous online resources for genealogists .

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