Barry’s Favorite GenBlogs: Ainscough Family History

Posted on Oct 26, 2012

The blog aims to bring alive the Ainscough and related family history information I have been handed down from relatives over the years with records from Ormskirk Church, Mawdesley and Croston as far back as 1558.  Many thanks go to relatives Jonathon Hopper, UK & especially Anthony Brown, Australia for all of the research they have undertaken.  It is intended to be very informal because I don’t have a great deal of time to devote to it (working full time) and the blogging aspect allows me to freely add new entries as and when information comes my way.

Along the way I've met many virtual "relatives" who have contributed masses of information in the form of family trees, census detail and photographs.  The blog has been a tremendous source of information for many people around the world, connecting families and long lost relatives.  Although it is informally presented the search facilities allow an easy find for specific information.  I wanted to make this as much a share alike blog as possible so that everybody could enjoy the information and media freely.  I’ve included a (free tool) and upload any files I am given so that end users can download for their own purposes.

I’ve also linked the blog to Flickr (free tool) where I have created a family history set/ collection and all images when clicked on take you back to the original photo/ set where they can be downloaded by individuals  and to Andy Scarisbrick for his significant support.

Written By: Barbara Ainscough
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