The Hardest Sentance I Ever Wrote

Posted on Jun 19, 2012

What is the hardest sentence or paragraph you have ever written?  I can honestly say, I recently had the privilege of experiencing such a group of words.   As I completed the set of edits with my editor on book I was writing, I received a request from the publisher to add a dedication.  It's the "To…" at the very front of the book.  No sweat, I'll have it to the editor in one hour, right.   Not so fast.  It took me three days.  I tried to be funny, profound, simple, endearing, loving.  I couldn't find the words.   I was about ready to just skip the exercise all together, when from nowhere the following words came, "To Colette, Melissa, Shauna, Jason, Teresa, Bryson, and Diana—in life we are family joined by love, standing on the foundation forged by generations.  It's the now as husband, father, and grandfather that I cherish, because it makes a difference in this moment of time."  I am glad it took so long.   I would like to hear about your experience and the group of words you wrote.

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