Barry's Relatively Speaking: Right Place, Right Time

Posted on Jul 14, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on R. Norman shares the following experience.

For about three years, I had been trying to find someone of the same MOORE-MENASCO line as my ancestors, so my routine listing was put in the Annual Exchange of The Genealogical Helper 1970. Shortly, I received a letter from a Mr. Bowman saying there had been two Menasco marriages in his line, tho' he knew nothing of them, but noted where he got the data from another correspondent, Mae Saxon in 1958. In writing Miss Saxon, I found that she had passed away and her sister was kind enough to take the interest to answer my letter, but could not give any data from her sister's records that showed my line. This sparked some new interest, however, and the next thing I knew this sister, Miss Agnes Saxon, was trying to help me in any way she could. This included a trip down to the Mobile courthouse where she inquired about the marriage certificate of my great grandparents in 1842, but had to wait a while as there was another person requesting the very same certificate and had the Marriage Record Book out of place! With great presence of mind, Miss Saxon asked the name of this person and forwarded to me. So you see the end of this little story -Of course I wrote and found that this was indeed a cousin, unknown to me, and now a partner to work with on the same ancestors at long last! Whether she could furnish me with a line back to some early day did not matter as much as just having someone to work with. It would have been nice to have the early data too, but the chain of events that led up to this finale was the interesting part to me, and truly a chance in a million of meeting someone at a courthouse one hundred twenty-nine years after an event (of marriage) and finding them to be a cousin, researching the same ancestors.

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