Barry's Relatively Speaking: Muddy Road to Genealogy

Posted on Jul 25, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Dorothy shares the following experience.

Spring, 1974, taking Mother to Coshocton County to visit graves of ancestors in rural cemeteries, being unfamiliar with the area, I turned onto a wrong road. Gravel first, then mud, side ditches like streams, woods, wilderness everywhere, no homes or habitation, I stopped, seeing a road washout ahead.

Unable to back the car on slippery mud slightly upgrade, I started for help, leaving Mother (82) in the locked car with the picnic lunch, knowing she was paralyzed with fear, concealing it well. Walking through much mud, three road washouts, 1 Vz miles further, I was happy to see a farmhouse.

Explaining my problem to a man and son, they graciously started an immense dual-wheeled tractor, assisted me on it while discussing yesterday's four-inch rainfall, not believing the road condition, mushed through to my car, pulled it backwards, then turned it around.

Telling the father our mission, he directed us to the cemeteries, asking our ancestor's names - "Milligan, Kimberley, Hains" - surprised he said "I'm a Hains". Discussion with me as family genealogist, revealed his Mother and my Grandmother were first cousins, that we both had attended Hains Reunions as youngsters with our families, but not remembering each other. We had moved from Coshocton long ago, not attending since 1938, but they attend regularly.

Accepting their invitation (his wife is Secretary) to come to the 82nd consecutive Hains Reunion in August, I shared my extensive genealogy and family pictures with new-found relatives. They assisted with data for another branch.
Strange how magnetic family ties led me to a muddy road, discovering un-
known relatives to help "climb the family tree".

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