Barry's Relatively Speaking: That Map "IS" a Basic Tool

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Edna shares the following experience.

After many question and answer sessions, always ending with my aged Mother saying, "Edna, you may as well give up, I just haven't enough information on my side of the family to help you." I wasn't about to "give up." I am sure you readers know the persistance of a genealogical "bug." After several visits I sorted my information and all I actually had was that my maternal Grandmother came from "someplace" close on the border of New York and Pennsylvania. Mother heard her mother speak of Harmony, Pennsylvania and thought perhaps she came from there.

I had brought all of the aids I thought I might need, including maps. Finding Harmony, Pennsylvania on this map, we discovered it was indeed close to the border of the two states. BUT WAIT! Right over here, even closer to the border, a town by the name of Parksville with another about an inch (twenty miles) named Lordsville.

Turning to Mother I asked, "Mama, what if your Grandfather Parks and Great-Grandfather Lord settled these two towns?" "No," I answered my own question, "too coincidental for both families to be first settlers, however, I will write, who knows what may turn up." Lit-

tle did I realize the vast source of family information and records I would uncover.

The first letter of inquiry went to the Post Master asking that the letter be given to anyone in that locality of the name Park or Lord. The Post Mistress happened to be a distant cousin, she in turn passed the letter on to an older cousin with more family knowledge who answered immediately with leads I lost no time in following.

Now I know you are saying, "everyone can't have towns named after families, but in personal interviews or family histories, locations that are mentioned may have some of your own progeny still living there.

Our family living in Parksville in the 1700's still have direct family lines living not only in the same town, but in one instant, the very same house.

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