Barry's Relatively Speaking: Lost Verlander Foun

Posted on Aug 05, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Olga shares the following experience.

This concerns a tragedy in the VERLANDER family, which had an unusual ending.

My great-grandmother, Sarah Van-court Verlander, lived in New York City. She had several children. Her son, George Washington Verlander, was my grandfather. One of her other sons became strayed from her in the 1830's. The search for him brought she and her family south.

In the 1930's I began to write to Verlanders, endeavoring to obtain infor-mation on this event. My correspondence included a letter to Kathleen Verlander (WARD) of Portsmouth, Virginia. From her reply of January 15, 1940 I quote:

"My grandfather's name was Christopher Columbus Verlander. That is as far back as any of my relatives know, due to the fact my grandfather never knew anything about his brothers or sisters with the exception of his mother's name, which was SARAH. At a very young age, he became separated from his mother and father and was taken into a Catholic home ETC."

This information would have made SARAH happy. Having named one son George Washington, it is likely she would name another Christopher Columbus.

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