Barry's Relatively Speaking: 100-Year Old Error Is Corrected

Posted on Aug 06, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on V. C. Elms shares the following experience.

The fact that my husband's grandmother was called Clint was not wondered about too much, her full name being Mary Elizabeth Clinton Bradley. But why not one of the more feminine names? We knew also that her father had died while a soldier during the Civil War and before she was born. We decided that she was named for him being his only descendant. When I began this family tree research her name was the only clue as to his identity. When I wrote

the Archives fortunately he was the only Clinton Bradley listed and we received much great data. In it his death was given as a St. Louis, Missouri hospital, in 1863. I wrote Washington, D.C. asking where he was buried. Back came the information, row and grave number in the National Cemetery in St. Louis that we passed by when on our trips to the baseball games in that city!

Needless to say we visited it on our next trip. But when we stopped at the office for directions we were told there was no Clinton Bradley listed. We drove on out to section stated on my letter from Washington and found the row and grave but to our disappointment the inscription was Clinton Brady! I thought that nothing could be done about it. But after listening to my husband fuss and fume about it for weeks I wrote to the cemetery officials. Their reply was prompt, saying the error had never been brought to their attention and that my letter was being sent on to the necessary officials at the Department of the Army in Washington. Soon we were notified that a new marker would be erected within three months! And it was! Imagine, well over 100 years after Clinton Bradley was buried a marker containing his correct name is there for his descendants to see and enjoy!

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