Barry's Relatively Speaking: Hand of God in Research

Posted on Aug 10, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on R. W. Riedel shares the following experience.

As a researcher I use the census records of the surrounding states borrowed from the Federal Archives, Atlanta, Georgia.

I had three - 1820, 1850 and 1860 of Posey County, Indiana and delayed returning them (they were not due) on Wednesday, Thursday, being ill I stayed home. Friday, midmorning researching at the historical society, I was paged. There stood an Episcopal Nun, Lucille, Cecil, from out of state, she had been sent to me by the church secretary for aid in her desire to start her family ancestral line. In traveling west her ancestors had passed through Kentucky, she knew not where, the only Information she had was her grandparents had been from Posey County, Indiana. She did not know their parent's names.

Putting the 'borrowed film' 1860 on the machine we started looking and found the grandparents aged 5 and 2. This gave us the names of the parents, their ages and places of birth, the brothers and sisters all unknown when she came to Frankfort. A busy day, a sick day and a normal delay in returning the film helped a beginner start another family ancestral line.

I informed her of the LDS Library privilege of borrowing film and spent an hour with some forms showing her how to proceed. Thought you would appreciate the hand of God in research. Her father still living did not know of his family and she wished it for him.

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