Barry's Relatively Speaking: Illinois Marriage Certificate

Posted on Sep 14, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on W. L. Ming shares the following experience.

THE TELEGRAPH AND TEXAS REGISTER, Houston, Texas, Friday, March 21, 1851.

Vol. XVI. page 1.

A correspondent of the New York Spirit of the Times, writing from Copperas Precinct, Illinois, gives the following as among the "rich ones" which his researches among the legal records have

brought to light. We give his own language.

Examining a land title the other day which involved a question of legitimacy, I stumbled upon the following marriage certificate, which is decidedly too good to be lost, and is literally bonefide. The marriage, of which this is the only legal evidence, took place in Copperas Precinct, in this county, in the infancy of the county, or rather in primitive times, and the magistrate ought to be immortalized, whether he ever gets his commission or not. The certificate is in these words:

State of Illinois, Peoria County, ss To all the world Greeting. Know ye that John Smith and Peggy Myers is hereby certified to go together and do as old folks does, anywhere inside of copperas precinct, and when my commission comes i am to marry em good, and date em back to kiver accidents.

O_ M_ R_,

Justice Peace, [ss]

I put the initials, only, of the Magistrate, for the reason that this legal luminary is still living, and probably too modest to covet the fame to which he is justly entitled. Doesn't he deserve a pension, and the unanimous thanks of those interested in the rapid peopling of the State, as well as those who can't wait for commissions;

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