Barry's Relatively Speaking: Help Is Received From 2,000 Miles Away

Posted on Oct 01, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on C. Jackson shares the following experience.

How was I to get a picture of my great, grandmother's grave when it was 2,000 miles away?

I had advertized in The Genealogical Helper for information about her (Sarah Reeves) born November 27, 1773 to find when and where she was buried. An answer came quickly from Mrs. Robert Mefford of Valparaiso, Indiana saying that she was a Reeves descendant and that my relative Sarah had died December 27, 1814 and was buried in Bourneville Cemetery Ross County, Ohio.

How would I get a picture of her marker? I lived in Texas. The grave was in Ohio. I turned to the September 1974 issue of The Genealogical Helper to the County Directory. Looking under Ohio, and under Ross County, it listed W273. I got the telephone information and after finding her number, called Mrs. William R. Wright. She said she lived on Route 9, Chillicothe, Ohio. I told her I wanted a picture from the Bourneville Cemetery and would be glad to send her the money for the film if she would take this picture for me.

She said, "We live just a few blocks from this cemetery and I go by there every day when I take my little boy to school. I will get your picture tomorrow." I told her it might be hard to find as it would be very old.

In three days there arrived a fine picture of Sarah Reeves' marker with dates of her birth and death on the stone.

There is more than one way to use The Genealogical Helper. It is a most useful reference tool, and really worked for me.

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