Barry's Relatively Speaking: A Family Reunion

Posted on Oct 12, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Eugene shares the following experience.

The Family once gave a Fete, And Charlie Boy was there; But Charlie sat him down and sulked,

"I do not think it's fair! "The other little girls and boys Have lots and lots of cousins, And brothers and twin-sisters, too, By threes and fours and dozens. "But there aren't any relatives

To come with me and play, Except a single little girl, My cousin Rosa May." Now Charlie should have looked around

And thought the matter out, When, surely, soon he would have found

He had no cause to pout. For all in Charlie's family, And chiefly of his name, Besides our Charlie Boy himself, Just hear what children came: Now there was little Rosa first;

And grandpa's grandchild dear; His great-great-aunt's grand-nephew's girl Was also sitting near.

The cousin of his father's son;

The niece of Charlie's mother; His auntie's child; and the only one Of his mother's husband's brother.

His second cousin once removed

Had one third cousin, too, The cousin of our Charlie Boy, -Is that quite plain to you?

His grandma's husband's son-in-law

Had one dear daughter there, And the child of mamma's brother-in-law

Was quite as sweet and fair.

The grand-niece of his father's aunt;

The grandchild of her brother; His uncle's grandma's grandson's niece,

Dear me! Was there another? Yes, Charlie's father's brother's wife Had brought her little daughter. If Charlie could not play with these,

Why, dearie me, he oughter! But Charlie only sat and sulked

As naughty boys will do, And whined to little Rosa May, "What game is there for two?"

Abbie Farwell Brown

Submitted by Eugene F. Huber 10109 Kauffman Ave., South Gate, California 90280

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