Barry's Relatively Speaking: A Miracle Or Payment?

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Marvelshares the following experience.

I was working at our courthouse, as a volunteer, my one Friday morning a month. One of the clerks came to ask my partner and I if we would double check for records requested in a letter received from Grants Pass, Oregon. She couldn't find anything. She handed the letter to my partner, as she was closest, and I continued with what I was doing. As Marion began to look through our index, she said aloud -"Kay" then "Goldie Kay." I was flabbergasted. That was my mother's sister! The letter from Connie Floyd requested the birth and death records for her Grandmother Goldie Irene Kay Van Hoy born 1904, died (she thought, about 1928), in Flint, Michigan.

Aunt Goldie died in Flint all right, but in 1936, and with the last name Davis. She was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma in 1904. If I hadn't been there at that time, Connie would have received another rejection.

The paternal relatives that raised Aunt Goldie's kids, kept in contact with my Grandma Iva (Umphenour) Kay Bees Carney until her death in 1944, but as the children, Virginia and Harry Arthur Van Hoy were not informed, all contact was lost.

That night, I wrote the new-found cousin telling her that I had the death certificate, obituary, and many pictures of her grandmother. I even had a picture of the writer herself at ten months, with her parents, Virginia (Van Hoy) and Charles Sanders.

It's still hard for me to understand why the clerk asked us to double check, as they never do, or why Marion read the names aloud.

Then why did that letter show up on our Friday rather than any other Friday, or even in the morning instead of the afternoon, when another team would be there?

The new found cousin claims it to be a miracle. Someone else told me that it was my payment for volunteering.

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