Barry's Relatively Speaking: Jailbirds Are Lovebirds

Posted on Nov 17, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Inger shares the following experience.

Several years ago, while digging through my grandmother's desk upstairs, I came across a partial newspaper clipping about my great uncle,

Pete Karlstrom. The headline read, "Two Jail Inmates Wedded By Judge." The article went on to describe in eloquent and romantic expressions what took place at the wedding. Unfortunately, whoever clipped the article only cut out the first half of the article and didn't leave the date or the name of the paper it was from.

Thanks to the Helper I was able to contact a researcher in the city where the event most likely took place and she found the article and copied it for me. It was the most delightful story I have ever read! Two policemen took up a collection from trusties, jailers, policemen, court attaches, newspaper writers, other members of the paint gang, and hangers-on to help the couple buy a marriage license. A hundred people attended the ceremony including those awaiting trial on minor charges. The best part was the last paragraph. 'That's the last time we'll be in court," said Karlstrom, as he and his bride started off on foot down the highway.

Even finding jailbirds for relatives can be fun!