Barry's Relatively Speaking: Beautitudes of a Family Genealogist

Posted on Nov 18, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Darin shares the following experience.

Blessed are the great-grandfathers, who saved embarkation and citizenship papers, for they tell WHEN they came.

Blessed are the great-grandmothers,

who hoarded newspaper clippings and old letters, for they tell the STORY of their time.

Blessed are the grandfathers, who filed every legal document, for these provide the PROOF.

Blessed are the grandmothers, who preserved family Bibles and diaries, for these are our HERITAGE.

Blessed are fathers, who elect officials that answer letters of inquiry, for—to some-the ONLY LINK to the past.

Blessed are mothers, who relate family TRADITIONS and LEGENDS to the family, for one of her children will surely remember.

Blessed are relatives, who fill in family sheets with extra data, for to them we owe our FAMILY HISTORY.

Blessed is any family, whose members strive for the PRESERVATION of RECORDS, for this is a labor of love.

Blessed are the children, who will never say, "Grandma, you have told that old story twice today."

This item was found by Mr. Wooters in a local paper and he found it to be quite appropriate for those who are pursuing their family histories. It was written by Wilma Mauk and reprinted from the St. Louis Genealogy Society Quarterly, December 1969.

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