Barry's Relatively Speaking: Good Advice?

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Lynn shares the following experience.

While searching probate records for a client, I came across some amusing (and sound) financial advice a man from Meridian, Mississippi left for his wife and daughters. A typewritten copy of the will (I'm not sure if the mistakes are those of the typist or the testator) is found in the Lauderdale County, Mississippi probate volume three, page 427:

"It is my desire that each of the beneficiaries named herein stay out of any kind of active business; not to enter into any kind of partnership; incur no liability; sign no notes, not even husband's, or bond; to attend closely and look after the estate left them herein, which will always keep wolf away from the door. If your husbands cannot succeed in business without your signatures or your property, let them fail and work on a salary. Keep sacredly the property left you by me for yours and your chil-drens' sakes, only; you three have experience in keeping up property and renting it, and I desire that you continue; avoid all games, and investments not experienced in; don't be talked into taking stock in anything; keep property all your own, pay taxes and manage it yourself; don't buy interest in any thing with anybody; never live a minute beyond your means; don't give notes or mortgages, do without and avoid the humiliation of poverty; don't sign any bonds note; only sign your husband's bond to keep him out of jail, and then only when you know he is not guilty.

"And don't forget you can make hay while the sun shines only, and the sun don't shine all the time; so always lay aside something for a rainy day, it's sure to come.

"I desire you to read this will once a month." Witness my signature this August 6,1923, Cliff Williams.

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