Barry's Relatively Speaking: Family Heirloom Found

Posted on Dec 08, 2012

Barry's Relatively Speaking shares the personal experiences and stories of genealogists found in the Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine collection on Doris shares the following experience.

Miracles do happen! Two good Samaritans living 1200 miles apart -strangers to one another and to me -have contributed to my acquisition of an old family photo album.

Mr. Richard L. Sullivan of Sherman, Texas found the album in an antique shop in Jefferson, Texas. A history buff, Mr. Sullivan was appalled at the thought of cherished family photos being sold for the album only. Fortunately it also contained a funeral announcement of a Phillip A. Walter. It named some relatives and their place of residence who attended the funeral. Creekside, Pennsylvania was one of the towns listed.

Mr. Sullivan wrote POSTMASTER, Creekside, Pennsylvania outlining the brief funeral announcement. He asked if the card could be forwarded to anyone with any names listed that were familiar. The communication came into the hands of Mr. Harold W. Johnston, Creekside.

Ironically, about four years ago I was put in touch with Mr. Johnston by the same means - a letter to POSTMASTER, Creekside, Pennsylvania! Relationship was established and an interesting, rewarding correspondence has continued. It was an easy matter for Mr. Johnston to connect the names in the funeral announcement to my direct lineage. It seemed an eternity from the time I received Mr. Johnston's letter, made three phone calls to Texas, and waited for my postman to deliver the album. Needless to say, my joy at retrieving this heirloom is beyond words.

Most genealogists I've met in person or by mail are generous, considerate people. I'm overwhelmed by the kindness of those involved in this incident who are not afflicted with genealogists' disease. It's an incentive to keep beating my head against the stone walls on my ancestor chart!

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