Cody scores the winning point!!!

Posted on Jul 12, 2012

Cody scores the winning point!!!  This morning I went over to the local high school track to run a few laps.  On the field was a young man kicking practice field goals.  As I circled the track, my interest in the young man grew, his physical stature was 5' 5", 120 lbs, arms and legs were somewhat deformed.  I counted 20 failed attempts to kick the football through the uprights from 25 yards out.  In fact most of his kicks were 5-10 feet below the bar.   


My first thoughts were, "Young man, give it up." 


Then came the thought, "He can kick field goals with a little help." 


I then walked over to the young man and introduced myself.  "Hi, I'm Barry Ewell, I did some field goal kicking back in high school. I notice that your kicks were just a little short.  I think I can help you get the ball over the bar.  Would you like some help?"


The young man responded, "Hi, I'm Cody, a sophomore, I want to kick fields.  What do I need to do?"


I asked Cody a few questions and watched him kick the ball a few times up close.  Little bit by bit, I suggested a few minor changes in his kicking form to help focus more of his energy into the foot placement on the ball and where he began his field goal follow through.  After 25 minutes, Cody was kicking 6 out of 10 field goals.  Most were 10 feet over the uprights. 


Cody had to go to weightlifting with the team. Before he left, I praised him for his improvement and provided some additional practice helps. Cody, had a big smile of accomplishment.  Cody may not make first team, but he will make the team.


As a genealogist and mentor, I have watched many genealogists frustratingly search for ancestors with only marginal success.  With a little help and instruction in the right methodology for conducting research, I have seen many go from finding a name or two to finding generations.  If you get the chance to help another genealogist, take the time to mentor.  You may be surprised at the difference it makes.

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