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How to organize and manage your email

Posted on Feb 17, 2012

A big part of keeping your inbox and your email organized is discipline, along with having  a system that you consistently put into practice.  There are several tasks you can put into place upon checking your email to keep ahead of your email clutter.


1.  Put your DELETE button to work.

  • If you do not recognize the sender, look at the SUBJECT: field.  Does the subject field contain enticing comments that only someone you know or do business with would say? Delete! None of these type of emails are from friends or folks you know, and won’t be from companies you do business with. They are from spammers—the worst kind too—those who underestimate your intelligence by thinking these emails will be something you would take seriously.
  • If you don’t know the sender and the SUBJECT: field looks off, send them on their way t

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Free Color-coded Genealogy Research Filing System

Posted on Feb 07, 2012

This free resource will walk you through a very easy to follow process for organizing your genealogy research. 


Starting out organized is easier than getting organized later on. It didn’t take long before my own genealogy research became paper bound with pedigree charts, family group records, to-do lists, research logs, documents, notes and research tools.  I was robbing myself of the precious time I had for research because I spent hours looking for what I knew I had and duplicating research I had already done.


When I became organized I:

  • Knew exactly what information I had for each ancestor.
  • Had a complete list of information I was missing for each ancestor.
  • Knew exactly what resources I had checked and re

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